Re: Possibility of getting Utah Coal Route Gons done in resin???

charles slater

Believe me pattern making is a labor of love and not a for profit making venture. In my case I make patterns for the things I want and luckily they usually sell well for Martin. The Santa Fe has a large following.
I just finished a set of patterns that took about 3 months of nearly all my spare time, I don't know how you could put a dollar value on that. It just has to be something you like to do. I have no idea how Frank puts out the amount of patterns he does.
Charlie Slater
Bakersfield, Ca.

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Subject: [STMFC] Re: Possibility of getting Utah Coal Route Gons done in resin???
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 02:42:09 -0000

Tony Thompson wrote:
Once upon a time I compared notes with Frank Hodina, relative to
pattern and book compensation, and we agreed we were both doing
it 'cuz we wanted to. Sure not for the money.
There is an example of a resin kit priced to include design &
pattern costs - the ventilated boxcar kit marketed by the CofG
Society. The patterns were designed in 3D CAD and created by
stereolithography. I have one, it's nicely done, but I wouldn't say
it's significantly better than something Frank could do, and its $50
price tag is $15 to $20 more than the equivalent Sunshine or
Westerfield kit. I think that was a short run of 50 or 100 kits,
which means the extra cost barely covered the out-of-pocket design
and SLA charges. I don't know what Andy Carlson would consider
adequate compensation for his hypothetical 100 hour patterns, but
$20 per hour would add $7 to the price of each kit in a typical
Sunshine initial run of 300.

Maybe a basic resin kit should cost $50 so the pattern makers could
be compensated. But we're dealing with modelers spending
discretionary funds and, like it or not, "the market" thinks a resin
freight car kit should be priced in the $30's, not the $50's. An
alternative is for the pattern maker to contract out the casting but
do all the packaging & marketing himself. That's what Aaron
Gjermundson (Northern Specific Models) has done with his NP stock
and flat car kits. I do the casting, he does everything else. That
meant he had to trust his patterns to the US Postal Service and me,
but he figured he could always remake them in less time if disaster

Tom Madden

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