Re: Author and Master maker income

Jerry Dziedzic

Hoping to return some humor to the discussion:

Tony, this quotes from a speech given to the Traffic Club of New
York by one E. D. Campbell, ACF's General Mechanical Engineer, on
April 24, 1940:

"In connection with the more conventional types of cars we designers
do not enjoy the engineer's romance associated with special cars.
The conventional car [sic], such as the box, hopper, flat and
gondola are prosaic and lack glamour."

He goes on to say that "the refrigerator is a glamorous
vehicle . . . you can appreciate my saying that it is the most
glamorous in the fleet of transportation units."

I suppose E. D., were he or she here today, would fit in just fine
here on STMFC.

Gosh, I hope not <g> . . . but since I'm someone who has
said that gondolas are neglected, maybe you're right!

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