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Maybe it was loaded with potoes?

Bruce Smith <smithbf@...> wrote:

On Sep 14, 2005, at 11:51 PM, Richard Dick wrote:

I know that Sunshine Models sells chalk mark decals (perhaps others
do, too). Is there any information available as to what the marks
mean, when/how they were used, etc? Or does one just apply what
looks good?!

By and large, chalk marks from the steam era are indecipherable to us
now. Many are private codes used by train crews to themselves as to
where to spot a car. Others are codes used among crews to indicate
something about a car. Some of the obvious ones might include "OK"
or a check mark chalked over a truck to indicate a bearing that had
been checked and "MT" for empty. In general, I try to pick random
marks and then place them as I have seen them placed in photos...
usually on the left end of the car near the number, near or on the
door, and sometimes on the right end over the trucks. In one
particular Sunshine sheet there was a "POT". Beats me what that was
supposed to have been, but I couldn't resist putting it on a Southern
Autocar, indicating that it had either been through or was heading to
Potomac Yard... which is how it got on my section of the PRR <G>.


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