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Many of those government gons were in USS pool service running between Geneva, Utah (on the D&RGW) and Pittsburg, California (on the Sacramento Northern), with the WP handling them between Roper and Sacramento. When the government yanked them back, it caused a major crisis for the WP, D&RGW and USS. The WP was already chronically short of gons, even with the delivery of the 6501-6600 (Proto 2000 model). A lot of WP's wooden GS gons were pressed into steel service, which pretty much battered them to pieces. D&RGW steel GS gons were also used extensively. It was several years before the WP and D&RGW work their way out of the crisis, and traffic continued to expand for many years.

I have some web pages on this service if you are interested: and .

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Curt Fortenberry wrote:

There were two types of gov't gons with the DRGW. The frequently
mentioned 41' gons now offered by Sunshine Models. But there was a
series of 65' mill gons built by Pressed Steel in 1944 also, and these
too came to Alaska where they are still in use in MOW service (as are
the short gons).

Curt Fortenberry

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