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" Several RRs also ordered copies,
or near copies, of the 41'6" solid bottom gondolas (modeled by, or
coming soon from, Sunshine in resin)"
Richard, or others,
Besides the ACL which other roads ordered copies or near copies of
this gondola?


The Wabash built 250 of the 41'-6" gons at the Decatur car shop in
1944. Car had wood sides and floors, and were numbered in the 13000-
13249 series. Andrews and ARA/AAR cast sideframe trucks, from older
gondolas being scrapped, were used on the cars. Some were equipped
with auto frame racks in the late 1940's. The T&NO also had some of
these cars also. F&C has this car in their kit line.

Chet French
Dixon, Il

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