CNW / CMO 40' 11-panel gondola

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I'm working on assembly of Sunshine kit #67.22 C&NW / CMO 40', 11-
panel gondola. Is there an explanation why the model is supplied
with provisions for 5 grab irons at the far right side of the car on
both sides instead of 4 grabs? All the prototype photos of matching
cars found both in the kit's instructions and in photos from
Mainline Modeler's May '05 article on pages 38-45 show only 4. The
only exception I can find having 5 grabs is on 9-panel cars that
have two H section ribs per side as shown at the bottom of
Sunshine's prototype data sheet #67.3 and in MM June '05 page 61 but
this is a completely different car than what is supplied in the
kit. Can someone enlighten me as to whether there actually is a
C&NW prototype for the Sunshine model I have or is the kit wrong for
the C&NW in respect to the number of grab irons? Could the body
actually be correct for another road and just supplied in the C&NW
kit as "close enough"? This issue is minor and I can easily remount
the grabs. Incidentally this is my first resin car project and I am
surprised to learn that I will need to make "alterations" to achieve
reasonable prototypical fidelity. I was under the impression that
resin kits were as close as one get's to being "correct".

I do appreciate any responses.

Tom Wencl
Streamwood, IL

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