ADMIN: Re: A point of order - war board cousins

Tim O'Connor

Ok, Mike, time to reign you in! You are way off topic with this
steam locomotive stuff! You are hereby sentenced to go re-read your
own list rules.

Tim "Roy Bean" O'Connor

BTW, it is noteworthy that the War Production Board did not say that the
D&RGW design was not worthy but, rather, simply said that they should use
the UP designed engines which were actually built for UP. They apparently
concluded that D&RGW had a larger need for them than UP. I am curious,
incidentally, about the D&RGW engines and their capabilities. Similarly
larger NP Challengers did not produce the performance expected because the
front end nozzles were relatively smaller in order to keep a strong draft
from blowing the dirt-like Redbud NP coal off the grates and up the stack.
The result was relatively high back pressures. The sorce of fuel did matter.

Mike Brock

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