Re: ADMIN: Re: A point of order - war board cousins

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Roy Bean says:

Ok, Mike, time to reign you in! You are way off topic with this
steam locomotive stuff! You are hereby sentenced to go re-read your
own list rules.
Well, you know what happened to Roy Bean. Hmmm. Wonder what DID happen to him? Anyhow, note that I said:

"Brief sorties "out of scope" are going to be allowed on
the subject of steam locomotives...the basis for deriving our time period."

True, this topic would be more at home on the Steam Loco Group but...uh...if we can talk about statistics on the STMFC, I guess we can talk about steam locos. However...donning my judge's cloak, both will be temporary.

A significant value, BTW, of confining our messages to frt cars is the rather large volume of messages we are now seeing.

Mike Brock

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