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Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Bob Webber said:
. . . Bob [LeMassena]
has explained the problem, bad boiler metals caused some premature
boiler issues that caused some boiler mishaps and they figured they'd
retire them rather than reboiler them."
Yes. I did a bit of research and noted the same thing. Interestingly, NP
encountered the same thing and they did reboiler.
While we are on "metallurgy," I will comment briefly that the steels chosen in order to go to thinner boiler shells (thus saving weight on these big locos) yet keep high boiler pressures turned out to be unsuitable. It was not "bad metal" but a poor choice by the builders, who chose the alloys used. They turned out to be sensitive to stress-corrosion cracking under the temperatures and water chemistries used. Had this not happened at the very end of steam, it would surely have been corrected (there are far better alloys to use), but of course this was not to be.

Anthony Thompson
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