Re: CG ventilated boxcar & pattern making

pullmanboss <tgmadden@...>

Brian Chapman wrote:

Fascinating information, and I thank you much for providing it. I
don't know how much longer you're willing to discuss this, but I have
a few more comments and questions, if you're willing.
Expertise is a relative thing. I've been trying to present the
technology, as it were, but delving further into software nuances and
what one needs for driving various RP equipment is out of my range.
This is industrial equipment and I didn't intend to convey the idea
that it was on its way to your workshop. It's just a different way of
creating patterns for resin casting, and the cost is very reasonable
_if_ you think a pattern maker should be paid for his time. What Jim,
Chuck and I have posted is probably enough for now.

Tom Madden

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