Re: pattern making

Tim O'Connor

But Paul, that's an entirely different equation -- SPH&TS doesn't do custom
tooling, it just does custom paint. Many vendors will do this at very reasonable
prices. My club has raised thousands of dollars for itself selling Intermountain,
Accurail, Athearn and other cars with custom lettering -- and at low prices they
sell as many as 500 cars. This year we're doing the new Accurail 3-bay hopper.

I'm not interested in that stuff -- what I'd like is a 1950's SP TOFC train, and
no one is going to produce SP Clejans (two styles) and SP F-70-10 flat cars in
plastic, plus the trailers... And I'd really like SP G-50-25's (I think that is the
correct class), which was the gondola used for Kaiser ore before the delivery
of the 100 ton cars.

Resin also seems ideal for production of details like -- cushion underframes,
unique box car doors, scale draft gear, coil car hoods, and stuff like the passenger
car parts Tom mentioned. It may also be good for trucks that will never be done
in plastic, like the Chrysler trucks, the 2DF8's with coil-leaf-coil package, etc.

Tim O'Connor

We use a figure of 100 kits for the SPH&TS annual car, we usually sell out
and it works out fine for us. 300 kits will take a long time to amortize
your investment.
Paul C. Koehler

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