NW & predecessor freight cars

stephenr37 <gmayberry@...>

Would anyone happen to have information about the any of the following
freight car series? I'm primarily interested in any rebuildings,
renumberings, dispositions to NW or other roads, and confirming some
number series or builder information I'm lacking. If cars made it to
NW, I'm trying to determine NW class and NW number/renumber series.

ACY 400-419 Greenville 6/51 covered hoppers
ACY 570-584 Greenville 7/59 covered hoppers ex NAHX 31556-31610
ACY 850-963 Greenville 2/41 boxcars ex B&LE 91501-91800/81501-81800
ACY 6102-6133 Greenville 6/52 ore cars ex B&LE 20001-20500
ACY 7000-7199 ? /19 hoppers ex CRR?
(ACY)NAHX 31556-31580 Greenville 7/59 covered hoppers, leased to ACY
ITC 2600-2624 Greenville 3/53
NKP 4 Clark design air dump cars 7/26? (Greenville or Differential

NW 18 Clark design air dump cars ?/27? (Greenville or Differential

NW 25 Greenville 53.6" flatcars built about 1943 on O.O. 383
NW 52300-52349 Greenville 4/40? B4 class boxcars
NW 52400-52449 Greenville 10/40 B4 class boxcars
P&WV 1925-1949 Greenville 5/48? covered hoppers
P&WV 6700-6798 Greenville ?/60? hoppers
W&LE 78000-78999 Greenville 11-12/47 hoppers

Stephen Mayberry

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