Detail of AAR 1937 boxcar - Murphy and Hutchins Roofs

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Some further thoughts about the Murphy and Hutchins roofs on C&O cars -

Now I've had my work cut out for me!

I normally think of Murphy roofs as the type with raised rectangular panels, as supplied with the Red Caboose / Intermountain / IMWX 1937 boxcars, for example.

The Hutchins Dry Lading roofs were rather flat paneled, with a thin raised stiffening ridge running across the the center, parallel to the seams. Accurail supplies a real nice one with it's 40' outside braced single sheet box car. Ted Culotta used one of these on his Illinois Central auto car article in the Nov. 2004 RMC. Anyway, the C&O Diagram for the 4000-4500 series car says they had this roof. I don't know if I have a photo of one here though.

The 7000 - 7649 series car, according to it's diagram, is reported as having a Hutchins radial roof, except for 50 cars which were fitted with "S.R.E. Co." (Standard Railway Equipment) - Murphy - roofs. Looks to me that he Funaro & Camerlengo 1932 ARA C&O boxcar is a model of the Murphy roof car, even though the photo on the box shows a C&O Hutchins roof car. The radial version of this Hutchins design seems two have had two stiffening ridges per panel. Sunshine released a version of these cars some years back with the Hutchins roof. Also, the C&O bought 3 of the 5 prototype 1932 ARA cars after testing . These were built with Murphy roofs. C&O numbered the cars 1900 - 1902, and later renumbered them 2800 -2802. The C&O diagram for these cars reports them as having "S.R.E. Co." roofs.

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