Re: The future of RP and small Resin Manufacturers?

Brian Chapman <cornbeltroute@...>


Is that supposed to make me feel better? lol.

Actually, going on instinct, I'm thinking RP will make a huge
difference, I just don't know how quickly and in what ways: Which
production methods existing today will it kill (if any)?

So often, "things" don't develop in ways that we predict. It'll be
interesting to see how this all shakes out, won't it?

rapid prototyping . . . makes "creating masters" more accessible to
those of us without all of the skills to do it. <

This kinda flies in the face of what Jim and/or Tom have said in this
thread, though, doesn't it? IIRC, they have pointed out that, as it is
now, a steep learning curve is involved along the entire route to
production with this process. Equally troublesome, the few companies
that possess this process at the moment likely will want little to do
with we small customer / manufacturer types with shallow pockets.

But, if you mean eventually it will come to pass that we everyday
modeler types will be able to create masters, certainly, you're right
on the mark. (Listen to me talk, as if I have a clue how this whole
thing will look in the future. Just talking in order to attempt to
understand it on some elementary level, I guess.)

casting is where the rubber meets the road! <
Unless and until the RP process is so powerful and efficient that we
can feed a prepared design into a machine and 20 seconds later it pops
out a complete replica (like ordering dinner aboard the Star Ship
Enterprise, push a button and your food appears, "magically").

Maybe RP will move from a "slow" process good enough only to produce
masters for casting to a point where it is the manufacturing process
itself, obsoleting resin casting alltogether.

Just one point of view, and no doubt it's way off course. <g


Brian Chapman
Evansdale, Iowa


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