Re: Sunshine mini-kits

Michael Aufderheide


I've only got two, but I'm young yet. Do you deal in futures?


Montford Switzer <ZOE@...> wrote:

I got in on the Monon mini-kits and they are great. I'm sure we can
work out a purchase arrangement. How many children do you have and when
was the first one born?

Mont Switzer

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I wrote the Lofton's about these and they don't have
any to sell by mail. But I'll ask at Naperville.
Anyone have a mini kit for the Monon they'd like to

Mike Aufderheide

--- timboconnor@... wrote:

I believe the ACF covered hopper mini-kits are still
There were some on sale at Naperville last year.
Also still for
sale are AAR alternate-standard 2 bay offset
mini-kits for C&O,
NKP, NP and others, the AAR box car mini kits, and a
few others.

On Wednesday, September 14, 2005, at 03:36 PM,
Mike Aufderheide wrote:

Was this the mini-kit offered by Sunshine a
while ago?
I'm guessing about 5 years ago, but it could have
been even longer.
Ed Hawkins

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