Re: The future of RP and small Resin Manufacturers?

Brian Chapman <cornbeltroute@...>

... if you mean eventually it will come to pass that we
everyday modeler types will be able to create masters... <<<

NO. That is not what I mean Brian. This thread began by talking
about compensation for making masters, and it arose that there
are pattern makers out there who can do custom work. The problem
with this is that the TRANSLATION from a modeler's head to a
pattern maker's head to a resin caster's head is going to be a
risky, error prone path.
Ahh, OK, I do see what you're saying now, I believe. Generally, I read
this list via daily Digests, and I do believe I missed the
compensation discussion at the thread's beginning.

Even now, though, the cost of using the .002" resolution system for
proof of concept is darn expensive. However, if a modeler is
well-to-do or intends to cast a number of copies to amortize costs of
a production run, it makes more sense.

I think others were saying this earlier, but I seemed to have gone off
in another direction. <g

Thanks for clarifying what you meant so that I could finally "get it."


Brian Chapman
Evansdale, Iowa


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