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They were kind of like wooden boxes with sliding doors in the center
of each side and four little wheelies under each end.

Seriously though, I can only shed a little light but perhaps someone
else can expand upon this: In purchase AFE cars described as "double-
sheathed, having Mogul ends and fish belly underframes." Cars
rebuilt at Marshalltown in April, May & June 1941. Reweigh date
would be "MN 4-41," etc.

If M&StL was running true-to-form (see the word if a beginning of
sentence) then they would have come out of the shop looking like USRA
double sheathed box cars with who-knows-what ends. Given the date
built, though, the cars could not have been USRA double-sheathed box
cars to begin with.

Their number series on the B&LE was 80,000 and 82,000 (specific
numbers available upon request) so maybe someone B&LE inclined can
add more info.

Last two of these cars lasted until July 1947 on the M&StL.

Gene Green

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In 1941 the M&StL received 25 exB&LE box cars. The M&StL numbered
50300-5348 even. Can you tell me what these cars looked like??
Clark Propst---

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