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<< No photos, but it is one of the GN 'Glacier Green' with the standing
"happy" goat emblem rebuilts from the middle 50s. >>


The Great Northern began rebuilding their extensive wood sheathed fleet in
July of 1959; these rebuilds were painted red and numbered into the 34000-34999
series. Subsequent rebuild programs were painted red as well.

The first rebuilds painted Glacier Green adorned with the caricature of
"Rocky" were renumbered into the 27000-27799 beginning in December of 1960. I have
a photo of 27086 stenciled 1-1960 proving only a small portion of the "Rocky"
cars would have rolled on rails during the time frame discussed on this list.
There is speculation that 27000 may have been the only car so painted in

Dr. Staffan Ehnbom has supplied outstanding coverage of the GN fleet within
his many contributions to the GN Historical Society and related publications.

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Guy Wilber
Earthquake Faults, Nevada

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