Re: Detail of AAR 1937 boxcar - Murphy and Hutchins Roofs

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Ted Culotta wrote:
The Hutchins roof on C&O 4000-4500 is actually a "Murphy" rectangular panel
roof manufactured not by Standard Railway Equip. but by
Chicago-Cleveland. For our purposes (HO scale), they are same and the
differences are quite subtle anyway.
Steve Busch replied
Gads! This has begun to sound like the riddle of, "When is a dog's tail not
a dog's tail?"
There was clearly cross-licensing, as Chicago-Cleveland also made a "Dreadnaught" end which was extremely similar to the SRE end. The same was true in spades for the truck business. Whether one wishes to reproduce these differences in model form is an individual matter, but let's at least recognize the prototype situation for what it is/was. Cyclopedias and the literature such as Railway Age provide ample evidence of the latter.

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