Re: Detail of AAR 1937 boxcar - Murphy and Hutchins Roofs

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Expansion and contraction, a significant dimension over a 40' car,
is absorbed by the individual
panels. Yes, the entire car expands and contracts, but the joints
help deal with it.
Aren't 86' boxcars welded though?

I would think that the reason was stamping a small piece of metal would
be much easier than trying to stamp an entire car roof as one piece.
They needed to be stamped as the corrugations give the panels strength.
By using smaller pieces you could sub contract the stamping out and
ship the roof sections to the car shop or rip track, with a one piece
roof that would be very cumbersome to ship. In addition if a roof was
damaged, you could replace one section as opposed to having to replace
and entire one piece roof.

Dave H.

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