Re: Box car at "The Falls"

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Guy, Oct 95 MLM magazine has a nice article on how to build one of
these cars. The auther states the cars were rebuilt at St Cloud MN
in 60-61. So your photo is correct :)

Chet, you read this? Guy thinks I'm you! I've finally made the big
Clark Propst
Not from Meaniesoda

Well, I have been called Clark a few times, so what does that make me?

Chet French
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<< No photos, but it is one of the GN 'Glacier Green' with the
"happy" goat emblem rebuilts from the middle 50s. >>


"Rocky" were renumbered into the 27000-27799 beginning in
of 1960. I have
a photo of 27086 stenciled 1-1960 proving only a small portion of
the "Rocky"

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