Re: BLI vs. Walthers express reefers

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Scott wrote:

Now that Broadway has released their GACX 53'6" express reefer,
why should we care? Is it a different prototype than the Walthers
model? They look almost identical. The Broadway version costs a
couple dollars more.<<

Bruce wrote:

AFAIK, they are identical prototypes. I would LOVE to see an
unbiased side by side review of these cars.


I too would like to see a comparison, but not to each other,
rather both to an accurate set of plans. This is the only true

Greg Martin
Greg, I think you missed Bruce's point. What is desired is a
comparison of the two to see which better matches an "accurate set of
plans." A review of either vs. the plans would be nice, but it would
be nice to have a side-by-side comparo to know which is a closer
match to the prototype (vs. the competing product.) Since the
Broadway is available in an earlier paint scheme not available from
Walthers, that makes it a better choice for me, unless a review shows
some other problem.

We have the same need for a side-by-side comparison of the Funaro B&O
wagontop vs. the Model RR Warehouse. The Model RR Warehouse version
has been narrowed to correct the width, but we don't know whether it
builds into a better kit than the Funaro or vice versa. I'll bet one
is better in some places than the other and vice versa, neither being
perfect. Until someone knowlegable has both in hand, along with the
prototype plans, we may not know which to buy.
Dean Payne

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