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Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Jon (not signing his full name) wrote:
Can anyone tell me which trucks - Dalman or Bettendorf T-section - would be most
appropriate for the late 1940's, early 1950's time-frame? The prototype is the slope-sided
drop bottom gon as modelled by pacific Limited some years back.
That depends on which class you want to duplicate, Jon. The G-50-9, -10 and -11 classes all had T-section trucks from either ASF or Bettendorf, but the G-50-12 class of 1000 cars had half T-section (ASF) and half 2-level Dalman trucks from Bettendorf. Classes G-50-11 and -12 are distinguished by a row of rivets on the side sheets where they join to the sloped part. IIRC the Pacific Limited cars don't have that and are therefore G-50-9 or -10.
Those are the as-built trucks. In the 1950s, a number of cars received replacement AAR trucks, so that is a possibility too.

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