Re: Trucks On SP Gondolas

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Arthur Marr wrote:
The Pacific Limited G-50-12s' do have the rivets so are correct for that
class. They also have the Dalman trucks. is also Pat is noted for doing
very good research and producing prototype models, witness his many
versions of the 1932 ARA or his multiple versions of the NYC USRA rebuilds.
I have one of the PL cars, but it is packed in an inaccessible way right now, so I couldn't check it directly. Obviously with the Dalmans the car should be in the second half of the -12 number series. (There is much more info on these cars in Volume 1 of the "SP Freight Cars" books.) I agree that Pat's research is usually impeccable and his O scale models uniformly impressive.

Too bad he is another victim of the times and we have probably seen the
last of his black boxes.
From what I've heard, " the times" have little to do with it. But that's not a topic for this list.

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