Re: Reboxx Replacement Wheelsets for Broadway N&W Hoppers

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

My understanding is that Reboxx publishes the test results only of trucks that it has on hand- and even then it is only a guide.

The only way to determine the best axle length replacement is by trial and error, beginning with measuring the actual length of the OEM axles on the BLI cars. Be cautioned that optimal rollability might be achieved with axle lengths that may be either significantly either shorter- or longer- than the original wheel sets. In this regard, you need to have a selection of axles to try- the weak link in this process- because a cash investment is required.

One mitigating suggestion would be for you to purchase two of Reboxx' "Test" axle selection arrays (so that you have two axles the same size to test), and then depending upon your findings, then purchase/order the optimal axles.

If you are embarking on a program of potentially modifying all of your cars (as I have), then spring some cash and buy a full array of 12-pack axle lengths. Here is a rough list of the axle lengths that I carry in inventory (33" double-insulation), all in single packs except for those marked with numbers in parentheses:

0.500"; 0.600"; 0.700"; 0.800; 0.900"; 1.005"; 1.010" (3); 1.015" (2); 1.020" (3); 1.025" (2); 1.030"; 1.035"; 1.040"; 1.045"; 1.055".

You can see the loading in the 1.010"-1.025" range- which simply reflects my own needs with my roster, as observed empirically. Yours could be significantly different. BTW, I go through significant numbers of these wheels, so I have to re-order every several months.

My local hobby shop declines to carry of these wheels, so the profit goes directly to Reboxx.


Denny S. Anspach, MD

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