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Didn't the Great Northern also have some aluminum box cars. Right now I cannot recall how many, but it was not very many. Perhaps they were built in the St. Cloud shops.
Yes. Just one, the GN 2500, built at St. Cloud in 1944 and not scrapped until the early 1980's.

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Demetre (not signing his full name) wrote:
In 1945, the Alton, M&St.L, and Rock Island, all received boxcars
built to the Modified 1937 AAR design, using the unique 3/3/4
Dreadnaught end.
The cars were built by Mt. Vernon [a Pressed Steel subsidiary] using
aluminum supplied by Reynolds. The RI and Alton used them in head end
service. The cars were quite troublesome for the GM&O and did not
endure for very long.
Can you elaborate on the "quite troublesome" point? What
trouble did GM&O have? These aluminum box cars lasted well in some
other circumstances.

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