Re: BLI vs. Walthers express reefers

Thomas M. Olsen <tmolsen@...>

The interesting thing is that both the ACF 1947 Welded cars (now
available from Branchline) and the Wood Sheathed General American cars
(now available from Broadway Limited and Walther's) had been available
until last winter from Sunshine Models in urethane. Martin discontinued
them when he ran out of trucks and instruction sheets.

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Jon Miller wrote:


Refrigerator" and the car number to the left of the doors only dated
from before WW II. In all the postwar images I have where the
lettering is visible, "Express Refrigerator" with the car number below
is both left and right of the doors on both sides of the cars.<

Then that would make the BLI good for prewar and the Walthers good for
postwar. Glad to know I purchased the right ones<VBG>. Also it means they
really aren't the same time period, just very close.

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