Re: cars that sell; was BLI vs. Walthers express reefers

Tim O'Connor

Jon, not to be argumentative, but I think a 6-dome wine tank
car would not only sell, but it would sell very well, if it were done
properly. Which do you think would sell more: the GA-Pfaulder milk
car, or a 6-dome wine tank car? My bet would be on the latter.

I think it was one of the Gerstley collection photos that shows a
string of 20 or 30 wine tanks in a yard in California... Fresno or
Bakersfield, I forget where it was. And that collection includes a
number of photos of wine tanks. Heck, we've had a dozen models
of vinegar and pickle cars, but when was the last time someone
did a wine tank car?

The Detail Associates gondolas were quite time consuming to build
AND were much too light when completed. Personally, it was their
light weight that turned me off. But Red Caboose saved the day
and I think they've done quite well with them.

Anybody want to buy 20 DA gondola kits?? :-(

Tim O'Connor

I don't know about tank cars as LL and IM (and Tichy) have done a bunch
with a new LL one coming. Maybe a better statement would be small (4K or
6K) as well as multiple dome cars, don't sell. The problem with multiple
dome and small tanks is that the prototype had very few of them. Modelers
would have to buy a few orders of magnitude more than the prototype had to
make it worth while. The makers would also have to do a lot of bogus paint
as the norm might be one or two cars. I personally think (with a few bogus
paint schemes) that a two dome 6K tank would be very popular. So what if
only one or two of the paint schemes are correct, as long as we know!
There have also been quite a few flats done and even one or two gons.
There was a really nice gon (SP kit by DA) but it didn't sell very well. LL
also had a gon (I think or was it RC).

All and all there are many good injected cars available. I buy RTR
because sometimes that's all I can get. I build resin but really prefer
plastic. Reason, I can work with a brush of MEK easier than with ACC<VBG>.
The best of all worlds would be a resin that will bond with MEK!

Jon Miller

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