Re: Aluminum Freight Cars....was....Ships vs freight cars


Can you elaborate on the "quite troublesome" point? What
trouble did GM&O have? These aluminum box cars lasted well in some
other circumstances.

Tony Thompson

I can't give you anything more specific than that the cars had
corrosion problems that caused them to require more maintenance than
steel cars of similar type. This is from being around the carshops
in Mobile and talking about the cars with shop personnel. I did not
work on the cars myself, so this is all I can tell you. Perhaps
someone with much greater data on them can discover when they were
removed from service. It could be that the cars were all moved to
Illinois after 1958. Illinois is much friendlier to aluminum than
the Gulf Coast. One of the Abe Lincoln/Ann Rutledge trainsets was
made of aluminum and faired pretty well operating in Illinois.

Demetre Argiro>

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