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Jon and all;

In some of my recent interactions with manufacturers and sellers I am
also being told very disturbing stuff like "flat cars don't sell",
"gondolas don't sell", and "tank cars don't sell". Is this true?

If what they say, that boxcars and reefers are the only ones that
generate a good enough profit to interest them, is what is guiding
decision-making in regards to injection-molded plastic kits, then
realistically, we should probably not expect that any of them is going
to do anything BUT that in the future.

The question is; what is left in that realm that a major manufacturer
would consider worthy enough to do? If we can eliminate flats, gons,
and tank cars, what would a plastic maker consider from what is left on
the table?

Elden Gatwood

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had been available
until last winter from Sunshine Models in urethane.<
I believe that certain models that both Sunshine and Westerfield
have in
resin will be done in injection plastic. The guesses are which ones,
and in my lifetime<G>. Plastic model makers try and guess which ones
sell enough of to have a profit. We are lucky in that we are seeing
done cars that we never expected to see. How long this lasts will be
anybody's guess.

Jon Miller
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