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Jim Scott


Thanks, there was a Hobby Shop in Bell, California
called Jiggs and Robbie's You Make It Hobbies. I
remember going there when I started in the hobby some
years ago (it is long gone now) and that is where i
saw the metal 6-Dome Roma Wine car. I hope that
somene will make a good replica in plastic. I will

Jim Scott
Lompoc, CA.

--- Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Jim Scott wrote:
I agree that the 6-Dome wine car would sell very
If I remember correctly, wasn't there a Roma Wine
6-Dome car made in the 60s or 70s that was metal.
always wanted one of them but never got around to
buying one.
Jim, you must be thinking of the Thomas HO
car of the 1950s, a
dimensionally accurate model which can occasionally
be found at swap
meets. The AHM abomination unfortunately makes many
modelers think they
already have a wine car, but to an extent which
makes Athearn tank cars
look modest, it is "inflated" with air pressure or
something to almost
double its correct diameter and dome size. AFAIK, it
does not resemble
ANY prototype car, not even close.

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