Re: cars that sell; was BLI vs. Walthers express reefers

Walter M. Clark

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<snip> even one or two gons.
There was a really nice gon (SP kit by DA) but it didn't sell very
> well. <snip>

Jon Miller
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I've heard several people say that the reason the DA SP GS gon (a
string of letters only an STMFC nut, like me, could both understand
and love) didn't sell enough to even recoup DA's investment, much less
cause them to keep in in production (darn it) was it's light weight
when finished and no easy way to add weight that didn't show except
through a load, which raises the c/g quite a bit. I have one,
assembled, and I wish I had several more because my abilities have
increased quite a bit and I know I'd do a better job now. The funny
thing is that the DA SP GS gon is one of the few kits to be light
enough that you could run a prototypically long string of cars behind
a brass steam engine (of course, this would have to be a dedicated
train because adding any other cars (except at the front of the train
right behind the engine) would cause a disaster on the first curve.

Walter M. Clark
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