Re: NEB&W Green Dot Models Gondola Kits

Tim O'Connor

The original F&C/RPI MEC gondola kit had no interior detail either.
I know cause I have one... If you want one like that, get the ERTL
gondola for 5 bucks. It was patterned after the RPI kit. I don't know
if Steve improved the current kit but he has done so for most other

Larry Jackman asked:
"There are two kits of MEC steel gondola on Ebay and they want 35 dollars
for the two. Your opinion please."

I'd pass. The kits in the eBay lot are cast in Funaro's old yellow resin -
no workability problems, but the quality of his work has dramatically
increased since these kits were introduced in the early 1990s. The opening
bid of $35 is too high, especially as these are available new from Funaro
for $35.99.

Ben Hom

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