Re: Wine car ops

Old Sourdough <pmeaton@...>

At 10:44 PM 9/21/2005 -0500, Brian wrote:
"Not entirely useless. Chateau Martin owned at least one Pfaudler steel 40'
car, which I shot in Pine Bluff, AK. #CMWX 1008

Sadly, the date falls outside the range of this discussion group (Jan 75)."

Brian Ehni

I wish that I had known you were in Alaska photographing wine cars. I
would have shown you a few other oddities that your camera may have
liked. Many of those would have fit the time frame of this list, even in
1975. I would have had a great deal of trouble finding Pine Bluff,
though. I don't think we have a town by that name here.

Paul Eaton
The Old Sourdough
Ruksakinmakiak, Alaska, US of A

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