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On Sep 22, 2005, at 7:58 AM, Marcelo Lordeiro wrote:

Thanks Tim,
Let's think on some cars and choose one(tank car ?).
Which one?
Marcelo Lordeiro

Think about the following:

AC&F type 11 - This was offered by Sunset in brass as the PRR TM8, then in multiple bogus schemes. The Sunset model is "coarse" by today's standards. This was an extremely common tank car for its time, but may be unlikely to get produced in styrene because it is a little too "old". WWII era and after modelers won't need very many to add to their fleets, but they will need one or two. Folks modeling 1911 to the Great Depression will need lots more.

UTLX type X - The type X is the MDC old time tank car, but the MDC car needs a completely new frame. Once could simply offer the frame and detail parts, and let the modeler buy the MDC model for the tank! This is another "old time" tank car that saw service past the middle of the 20th century.

UTLX type V - The type V is the "Van Dyke" frameless tank car. These are offered by Precision Scale in an injection molded kit, but the model is really of a narrow gauge car that had been converted from a standard gauge car. You can convert these kits BACK to their std gauge appearance, but there might be room here for a true std gauge car kit. Again, this is an "old time" car that saw service well past the midpoint of the 20th century.

Multi-dome tanks for the IM and P2K AC&F frames (type 27 and 21 respectively). Again, it seems unlikely that we will see a variety of multidome tanks, yet we now have two relatively accurate frames that could accept after-market resin tanks.

Finally, a completely off the wall suggestion...

Fireless Cooker (aka "Thermos Bottle") - these were steam locomotives that were charged with pressurized steam from an external source and could run for 4-6 hours before needing more steam. Typically they were used in areas where an open flame (ie a firebox) might be dangerous. The most common configuration appears to be 0-6-0. Fireless steam engines were in service up to 1980 (or so)!!


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