Beer Tank Cars? (was Wine car ops)

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Armand Premo wrote:
"Now if beer had been transported in tank cars, I might be

Larry Jackman replied:
"It is is it not? Coors ships a lot of beer to the east coast for
bottling. How does it go there?"

What's in those CORX tank cars isn't beer - at least not while it's
being shipped. It's wort, which essentially is non-fermented beer
(NOT "beer concentrate" as stated in the following website):

FWIW, here's more on the beer making process:

I'm not sure if this was done during our era of interest. There were
far more independent local breweries in existence during the 1950s
than there are today, and Anheuser-Busch was just builing/acquiring
its system of satellite breweries during that decade (Newark 1951,
Los Angeles 1954, Tampa 1959). Until the 1970s, Coors was very much
a regional beer - remember the whole premise of "Smokey and the
Bandit" was to rush a trailer load of Coors back east.

Ben Hom

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