Re: new products (was BLI vs. Walthers express reefers)

Jon Miller <atsf@...>

The type V is the "Van Dyke" frameless tank car. These
are offered by Precision Scale in an injection molded kit, but the
model is really of a narrow gauge car that had been converted from a
standard gauge car<
These are actually sold in both gauges. I have two of the standard
gauge kits. The quality of the tank molding was not the greatest but it
works. Most of the fitting are brass.

but the MDC
car needs a completely new frame<
Athearn (via Horizon) is the new owner. I wonder if they might do so
work on this car?

IM and P2K AC&F frames --sic--two relatively accurate frames<
I'm not impressed with the IM frame and thought there had been many
comments on it? We were supposed to get a new one in resin but it never

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