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Thank you very much for looking that up for me. I do not have those

It certainly gives pause for thought about the bashing possibilities,
doesn't it?

BTW, I have a partially-completed bash of an Athearn 3-dome tank done
that is based on a STC 3-dome car pictured in an issue of MM. I hacked
out a portion of each end, re-did the tank bands, and am contemplating
what to do next, like replacing or just modifying the dome access
platform, and potentially re-doing the dome appliances. The basic car
looks a lot like a GATC product, but is not. Was STC absorbed into
GATC? The model looks like it might pass muster.

Although I cannot tell who owned the real car most recently, it sure
looks like GATX, based on the lettering style. Would anyone care to

Next, as lousy as it is, the Athearn tank car frame may also be suitable
for bashing into something more closely resembling the GATC pre-war
frame. Has anyone done one of these that met their satisfaction?

Finally, there are those AHM tank cars that resemble the 105A300W of the
mid-50's that AC&F did. Has anyone upgraded one of these to a level
they are happy with?

Have a great day, all.

Elden Gatwood

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On Sep 21, 2005, at 2:30 PM, Gatwood, Elden wrote:

.... does anyone have either the outside dimensions to one of the Type
30 GATC cars, or alternatively be willing to measure one of the WA
cars to see what the frame length, tank length, tank diameter, and
diameter are?
Except for dome diameter, these dimensions are given in the 1931 and
1937 Car Builders' Cyclopedias: U/F length 36'8-1/2", width 9'3", 8K
gal. tank 78" ID X 31'3-1/4" IL, 10K gal. tank 87-1/2" ID X 30'9-1/4"
IL. FWIW, tank dimensions were identical with AC&F Type 27 and U/F
dimensions were quite close.

Richard Hendrickson

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