Re: Nitpickin' decals

Tim O'Connor

The small UP shop stencils can be found here:

The NYC System triangles in -black- can be found here
and also on some CDS sets.

The NYC System triangles in -white- can be found in
Mark Vaughan's P&E, NYC stock car, and IHB box car sets,
and also in several CDS NYC/P&LE dry transfer sets. The
P&E box car set has six triangles, enough for 3 cars.

At 02:52 PM 9/22/2005, you wrote:
I would suggest the triangular NYC paint symbols and some generic NYC
"class" designations for dealing with cars for which specific decals
aren't available. UP paint symbols are another to add, also UP repack
stencils in the shield.

Dave Soderblom
Baltimore MD

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