Re: Attitudes of kit producers

Tim O'Connor


The "median center" for the U.S. population has moved steadily
westwards from Indiana to Illinois in my lifetime. So your theory
of the population being concentrated to the northeast is wrong.

INCOME however, is not so evenly distributed, and the center of
gravity of that is probably a couple hundred miles east of the
population median point, and somewhat north as well. But even
that kind of thinking only takes you so far. Irv Athearn chose
mostly western prototypes, I think, because that's what he saw
every day...

Tim O.

1. Except for California and Texas the states with the highest
population (for example, look at any nighttime satelite photo of the
continental US and note where the largest areas of light concentration
are), and therefore potential modelers (market for models) is in the
northeast; and

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