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--- In STMFC@..., Richard Hendrickson
<snip a whole bunch of stuff> If we can get injection-molded
"conversation pieces" like Pfaudler milk reefers,
I'm surprised no one has mentioned this - especially given
some list members obsession with correct terminology - but
there is no such thing as a Pfaulder milk "reefer" -- or even
refrigerator car. They are, in fact, tank cars (says so on the side).

Hey they have two tanks, does that mean they're the bovine
equivalent of a two dome tank car???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, there were a bunch of reasons I decided to do a milk
car while I was at InterMountain -- primarily because the
18-20,000 folks who showed up at the Springfield show
demonstrated an overwhelming interest in northeastern
railroads -- especially New England railroads, not those western
lines like the NYC, PRR, or B&O . . . and just think of the reaction
of the eastern folks when we mentioned a Santa Fe stock car . . .
you'd think I was confiscating lolly pops . . .

From what I understand both the milk car and stock car are
selling well, which creates money to pay for the company's next
tooling project which may be a car appropriate for those Indian
country lines . . . or another car closer to the hearts of those back
east. Fortunately I don't have to pick them anymore -- just buy
them -- or not . . ..

Marty McGuirk

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