Re: Attitudes of kit producers, was:Wine car ops

Tim O'Connor

Richard Hendrickson wrote

Other formerly large and important RRs seem to score high on the
boredom scale, for some reason; examples include New York Central,
Louisville & Nashville, and almost all of the RRs in the south and
southeast (and before devotees of those RRs write angry responses to
this observation, let me point out that those aren't my personal
judgments, just what I'm told by people in the industry about their
sales figures).
And to underscore that point, the other day I was watching a Shoreham
Shops L&N Pullman, nicely painted, on Ebay -- and it sold for less than
$90!! A similar SP or PRR or MILW car would have sold for 2x as much.
And a Lambert Reading box car, also nicely painted, went for $45... So
roadnames really do make a difference.

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