Re: new products (was BLI vs. Walthers express reefers)

Richard Hendrickson

On Sep 22, 2005, at 9:30 AM, @timboconnor wrote:

Richard, your points are quite valid, but I wonder if you are missing the
most important point -- we started this topic by talking about cars that
can be custom-made or are good limited run candidates. So the fact that
a Type 27 multicompartment car might have been rare (or a rebuild) only
makes it MORE attractive as a candidate for this treatment. An ideal
mini-kit makes maximum use of existing kit parts (like frame and tank
and dome). So the question remains, do you know of any actual examples
of multidome 8k (or 10k) Type 27 tank cars? Personally I think the
conversions with different dome sizes are just way cool and really stand
out in a crowd.

And frankly, I'd love to see some 3 and 4 compartment wine tanks too! :-)
I don't disagree with any of this, Tim, and will send you off-list some images that you may find interesting.

Richard Hendrickson

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