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Bruce is taking his "lightning medication" on MD's orders. Now, how 'bout we cut the end off a shallow end tank car, shape it to fit over a Bowser 0-6-0 mechanism, then add the cab from same. Done- one fireless cooker, short build form. The deliver on a HD flat.

Fred Freitas

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On Sep 22, 2005, at 6:40 AM, Bruce Smith wrote:

On Sep 22, 2005, at 7:58 AM, Marcelo Lordeiro wrote:

Thanks Tim,
Let's think on some cars and choose one(tank car ?).
Which one?
Marcelo Lordeiro

Think about the following:

AC&F type 11 - This was offered by Sunset in brass as the PRR TM8,
then in multiple bogus schemes. The Sunset model is "coarse" by
today's standards. This was an extremely common tank car for its
time, but may be unlikely to get produced in styrene because it is a
little too "old". WWII era and after modelers won't need very many
to add to their fleets, but they will need one or two. Folks
modeling 1911 to the Great Depression will need lots more.
An excellent idea! Thousands of these cars were built, most of them 8K
and 10K gal. ARA IIs, and both 8k and 10K tanks were mounted on the
same underframes. A number of petroleum shippers (e.g., Associated,
Mid-Continent D-X) owned them in large numbers. Also, they lasted
longer than you think, Bruce. I have many photos of them in still in
revenue service in the '50s and '60s. Several RRs also bought them for
fuel and water service (though the Pennsy's were acquired second-hand).

UTLX type X - The type X is the MDC old time tank car, but the MDC
car needs a completely new frame. Once could simply offer the frame
and detail parts, and let the modeler buy the MDC model for the
tank! This is another "old time" tank car that saw service past the
middle of the 20th century.
Another very good idea, especially since the MDC tank wouldn't be bad
if mounted on a correct underframe. Exclusively UTL (except for a few
that were in RR M-W service after having been written off and
repaired), so no eye-catching P/L schemes, but like the AC&F Type 11s
many of them remained in service into the '60s � I have a ca. 1965
photo of one coupled to a high-cube box car.

UTLX type V - The type V is the "Van Dyke" frameless tank car. These
are offered by Precision Scale in an injection molded kit, but the
model is really of a narrow gauge car that had been converted from a
standard gauge car. You can convert these kits BACK to their std
gauge appearance, but there might be room here for a true std gauge
car kit. Again, this is an "old time" car that saw service well past
the midpoint of the 20th century.
I'd regard the Type V as a less attractive prototype, both because the
Precision Scale kit is quite good (and does come in a standard gauge
version) and because these cars were all retired before mid-'53 owing
to the difficulty of applying AB air brakes to cars without

Multi-dome tanks for the IM and P2K AC&F frames (type 27 and 21
respectively). Again, it seems unlikely that we will see a variety
of multidome tanks, yet we now have two relatively accurate frames
that could accept after-market resin tanks.
The problem here is that almost all purpose-built multi-compartment
tank cars were of 6K gals. nominal capacity; larger ones were extremely
rare except where an 8K or 10K single compartment tank had been
converted to two or three compartments (and these are easy to identify
because their original center domes were always larger than the domes
for the end compartments). So there were only a few odd-ball
prototypes for multiple-compartment models that could use the IM or P2K
underframes. However, how about 8K and 10K insulated ICC-103/-104
tanks for the IM underframe? Many of these cars were built both for
SHPX and private owners.

Finally, a completely off the wall suggestion...

Fireless Cooker (aka "Thermos Bottle")
I'll say it's off the wall. Bruce, you gotta go back to beer and lay
off that Alabama white lightning.

Richard Hendrickson

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