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Jason Hill

Thanks Scott,
Well, I've done plenty of other P2K gonds for other roads, C&S,
DTI-bashed, NYC, ERIE, CB&Q, SP etc, these C&Os were just easy snags.
I don't mind repainting cars if they're a good deal and getting more
enjoyment out of them.
In the last three months among many other things in my life, I've
already converted 5 Athearn 12Kgal tank cars into SP O-50-12/13s 8-)
Very easy and enjoyable bash. I hope to get some more pics on my
website soon. ...forgive some of the not
so perfect shots...

Well I guess I'm off in search of some decal sets!

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During most if not all of your modeling period, those cars were
painted for Pere Marquette. Note the 2xxxxx car numbers once they
were absorbed into the C&O fleet. (2 put in front of the original PM
Some of those cars MIGHT have been relettered by your 1956 cut-off,
but I've read that PM cars were to be left alone until their equipment
trusts expired. Trusts may be 10 years or 15 years or ...?
That's not really smoke above the word Progress-- that's the
post-1954 version of the logo where the line is straight instead of
One noticeable problem with that P2K scheme is that it was done in a
"Chessis System" font-- the worst thing is the ampersand being smaller
than the C and the O.
There are some dandy schemes for that car in your period... which
were available from P2K.
Someone will undoubtedly come up with some decal or dry transfer
Scott Pitzer

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Hello all,
I'm not up on all of my east coast paint schemes. I picked up a
pair of C&0 53'6" gonds from P2K. The tare date is 1961 and the
factory paint scheme looks a little too new for my 1946-1956
era. The car shows a 6-44 build date. The car's black with white
(scotch-lite) strips on the outside of the car at the floor level,
"C&O" above the reporting marks, as well as the "C and O for
logo with smoke above the word progress. Am I correct in suspecting
that this car is too new for me? Are the decals for C&O or for that
matter B&O or some other good industrial belt road that I could
these cars for? The models were had at a good price. I know I can
other things with these time-savers (bash into SP 52' gonds) but was
hoping to diversify my fleet with more steel-belt and other
traffic cars from the east.

Building the SP and ATSF fleet for Tehachapi Pass!
Jason Hill

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