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On Sep 22, 2005, at 3:46 PM, Paul LaCiura wrote:

I won't go into specific detail of the extensive corrosion damage I found
under the car, but the overall condition could be summed up when I examined
the crash posts and found that they had for the most part turned to powder
beneath the floor line. The builder had specified an "isolation" paint
between the dissimilar materials on the construction drawings. The only
thing that could have prevented this would have been isolation gaskets
between dissimilar surfaces and sleeves around all fasteners to effectively
prevent galvanic contact.

This of course applies to cars built of both aluminum and steel in contact
with each other. I cannot comment on the corrosion resistance of an all
aluminum car in freight service as that is outside my expertise.
This was exactly the experience referenced in the Sunshine data sheet for the aluminum head end car kits. At the points where steel components and aluminum were in contact, there were big issues.

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