LV gondola serving as a petroleum carrier

Brian Rochon

In the FSA/OWI black and white photo section of American Memory Collection at the Library of Congress website (<>) is a photo (call # LC-USE6-D-010112) showing LV gondola #27248 (I think) with the caption:

"Formerly used to moved cement, this container car is the first of one hundred to go into service as a petroleum carrier. All of the hundred cars are expected to be moving kerosene from Destrehan, Louisiana, to Chelsea, Massachusetts, by mid-April, according to the Office of Defense Transportation."

The photo is listed as created/published between 1940 and 1946. Based on the caption and the home road, I would speculate the photo was actually taken sometime between spring 1942 and spring 1943 when the German U-boat offensive was destroying a large amount of tanker traffic up and down the eastern seaboard. Does anyone have any additional information on these interesting prototypes and how they might be modeled in HO? Thanks in advance,

Brian Rochon
Silver Spring, MD

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