Re: Wine car ops

Tim O'Connor

Couldn't a six-compartment tank car make as many as six deliveries
to customers? I forget the name for this type of tarriff but I think that
cars could make multiple stops to drop partial cargos. So if there were
a small bottler in Gridley who buys wine in 1,000 gallon lots (enough
for 1,000 large jugs of wine), then that might work... If you think about
it, a small town of 1,000 people on average consumes somewhere
around that amount of wine every year.

Tim O'Connor

Because it developed a hotbox enroute from California to NY and had to
be cut out of the train.
Andy Miller

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I am open to any suggestion as to just why a six compartment wine tank
car would be spotted on the house track in Gridley. Any ideas?
-- Bill Keene

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