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How about the D&H,a northeast road and_ a coal hauler?Armand Premo

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I am a member of the North Shore Model RR Club in Wakefield MA (along
with Tim O'Conner(SP and Southern) and Schuyler Larrabee (Erie). We
chose to model the Pocahontas region and move LOTS of coal!

Add to that the fact that I am a Pennsy fan (not too incompatible with
moving lots of coal) at the C&O-like club. A year ago a group of us
formed the New England Chapter of the PRR T&H Society and in one year
have become one of the most successful chapters with our own great


Andy Miller

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Richard Hendrickson notes:

"Walter is assuming that northeastern modelers only model
northeastern railroads, which is far from true; many members of this
list who live in the northeast model western railroads (e.g. Tim
O'Connor). Conversely many who live out west model eastern lines (e.g.
Greg Martin)."

True enough. Oddly, I generally assume that those that live in a region
modeling that region. Thus, I was surprised to find such as Greg Martin
Ted Culotta. Bruce Auburn, Alabama, models Pennsy, Jim Udaly
KC models C&O, Andy Sperandeo in Wisconsin models Cajon Pass, Jared
in GA models the ATSF in Kansas...and Jeff Aley models various RRs in
Kansas. I am in FL modeling Wyoming, Marty Megregian here is
Utah, Tom Wilson in central FL does the P&WV and his neighbor John
does the Southern & L&N plus Dan Zugelter south of me doing C&O in WV.
. .

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