Re: Wine car ops

Andy Carlson

I remember this shot. Wine cars seemed to outnumber
all other cars. I recall that the cars were mostly
different, with 2, 3, 4 and 6 domes, various dome
configurations, and different tank profiles. A modeled
scene with 30 or more identical 6 dome tank cars might
make some of us uncomfortable, and we are still left
looking at kitbashing/scratch building.

I look at freight train consists in vintage photos and
I am aware that though lots of the cars are available
(in HO), many are not. Resin continues to be our best
resource for fleshing out consists, and shall be into
the future, as styrene cars most likely will never
completely fill this gap.
-Andy Carlson
--- Mr Charles burns <cjburns1957@...> wrote:

There was some discussion of winecars on this list
while back, and one post {gatx417?}had a Bob Morris
photo of Fresno with many wine cars in view. So for
the central valley in the 50s-60s at least,wine cars
were not an oddity. This is enough of an excuse for
to build a 6 dome wine car for my N scale 64'
Coastline layout.

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